About twelve years ago I started taking the prescription medication Seroquel in an effort to combat a serious lack of non-interrupted sleep. Being a working mother & stepmother to one, six & nine year olds was challenging & so was having Unipolar depression which I was already successfully being treated for. I innocently thought that a 'non-addictive' sleep aide prescribed by a Psychiatrist would help me to get a good nights sleep. 

As of today, I am over one month into what has been a very scary & unpredictable withdrawal from just 12.5 mg of Seroquel. I realize this may be a sensitive subject & it's not easy for me to talk about, but I am starting up this blog again to call attention to the dangers of this drug, which I firmly believe is not only addictive, but also contributed to the tragic death of one of my best friends Sue at the age of 50.

I'm preserving all my previous entries entries ending in 2010, while still using Seroquel.


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