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Suicide DON'TS

By plane, by one's own hand, by cop. Sometimes holding on is not an option for whatever reason. Illness of mind or body. I really GET depression. Swimming in MUD. Wanting it all to just STOP. Been There.

What I don't get & believe me, NO ONE ELSE WHO LOVES YOU EVER WILL, IS,
* Not leaving a note
*Doing it in such a way that loved ones will find you
*Taking others with you. Flying a plane into a building, taking your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend,    husband or God Forbid, your kids with you. Shooting up a school of other peoples kids, as revenge or jealousy. THIS IS ALL ABOUT YOU & no one else, so keep it that way.

I spent time as a teenager, when inappropriately medicated, thinking about my own demise. It was always as a way to STOP the agony of being alive in a 'dead to ME' world, or during premenstrual hell, hanging off the toilet while I puked, cramped & bled until I was anemic. Somehow I managed to hang on, knowing it would end in exactly168 hours. Sev…