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When I became pregnant with my boy, I certainly took in to account all of the habits I'd accumulated in the previous 40+ years. Hardest to do without were cigarettes, (easy decision) & my anti-depressants, (not so easy). I hadn't seriously attempted to go off my meds before, & when I had tried, the kick in the brain and butt had been fast and furious which creeped me out from the dependence stand point, but not from the peace of mind that ensued. I am unfortunately not a short timer but a lifer who needs to take medication to maintain some semblance of normalcy.
So, here I was pregnant and terrified that I only had one option, to go off my meds and pray I made it to his birth. I started to cut back & actually felt OK, while learning later this was largely due to the fact that my chemical depression was also tied to hormonal cycles. Duh. Here was someone who writhed on the bathroom floor every month from cramping, while having to keep sharp objects hidden from view…